How to claim the PAINT airdrop?

MurAll is an on-chain digital collaborative mural/canvas/wall that anyone anywhere in the world can draw on, without restrictions on what you can draw.

The project has airdropped PAINT tokens to their NFT players. Here’s the guidance on how to claim the airdrop.

Who is eligible for the PAINT airdrop?

As TheKeiron, founder of MurAll, explained in their Discord channel,

You are able to claim PAINT if:

- You are a verified blockchain artist (addresses collated from Known Origin/Rarible/SuperRare/Async Art) — Snapshot taken 15/11/2020

- You are a trading NFT holder. To be an active trading NFT holder, there are 3 criteria:

1) Your NFTs are fully ERC-721 compatible

2) You have more incoming than outgoing transactions with said NFTs

3) These criteria were fulfilled at the time of taking the snapshot (18/12/2020)

When do I need to claim my Paintairdrop by?

22nd January 2022–365 days from the contract inception date.

Screenshot from MurAll Discord channel

Now that you know whether you are qualified or not for the airdrop, now let’s get started with how to claim it!

How to claim the PAINT airdrop?

1. Navigate to and click on the “Connect Wallet” icon on the top right corner.

2. Enter your wallet password to sign the connection. You’ll see your PAINT balance under your wallet address.

3. Click on it and your PAINT summary window will pop out. Hit “CHECK” to view the number of PAINT you get to claim.

4. Hit “Claim” and you’re all set.

Where to trade PAINT?

  • Uniswap: PAINT/ETH

(NOT RECOMMENDED due to high gas fee atm)

  • MXC Exchange: PAINT/USDT

PAINT deposit and withdrawal are open now. Trading will be enabled at 16:00 UTC+8.


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